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RYL Part 1

"Point Exchange" system is updated , you can logon to see how to.

  • Game Server

Download the ROW client and install it on your PC..

Click the download banner to download the ROW Full Version client.

Select and launch the ROW Full version client to begin the installation procedure.

Click on 'Next>' to continue.

Designate a patch where the ROW is to be installed.
(Default path is C:\Program Files\Youxiland\ROW)

Click on 'Next>' to begin the actual installation.

Click on 'Finish' to exit the installation program.

Download the This Patch : PATCH. Then Place the Login.dat to you RYL install directory.
After Patching with Login.dat, Open Login.exe and Press the File Check button to autodate to MMOwebs settings. Play the game and have fun with all of us at
Slayer Gift
Random items
Slayer Oridecon
Upgrade ore
Chaos Stone
Redistribute stat points
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