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RYL Part 1

"Point Exchange" system is updated , you can logon to see how to.

  • Game Server
Beginner's Guide

Change Camera View
  • Zoom in and out by using the mouse wheel and control your point of view with your mouse.
  • In mouse mode, you can control your point of view by holding down [Space] and moving the mouse from left to right or forward to backward.
You can change your point of view in both keyboard mode and mouse mode in the same way.

Pick Up Items
  • To pick up items, press [E] or left-click on the items.

  • If an item belongs to another player, you will have to wait a certain period of time to pick up the item.
  • Keyboard Mode
    • You move by pressing [W], [S], [A], [D].
    • You can jump by pressing [Space].
    • You can avoid by pressing [A] + [Space] or [D]+[Space].
    • Hold down the left button for continuous attack.
    • Access a skill by pressing its corresponding number, and click the right mouse button to activate skills or hold it down to charge up casting skills and release to activate.

  • You move by left-clicking a target or on the ground to move toward it.
  • Attack
  • Target an enemy with the mouse cursor and left-click, then you will run to him and strike him with melee weapon until he falls down.
    • You have two modes, Keyboard mode and Mouse mode.
    • You can switch between the two modes by pressing [ESC].
    • You cannot jump in Mouse mode.
    • Press [W], [S], [A], [D] to switch to Keyboard mode.
    • You can access a mouse cursor by pressing [Tab] or by holding [Shift].

    EPick up itemsTabToggles the mouse cursor on/off
    YParty WindowShiftActivate the mouse cursor
    UCharacter WindowNumber keyAccess quickslots
    KSkill WindowF11Options/Menu
    IInventory WindowF12Picture mode
    C RestCtrlUse skills for self
    MLarge MapEnterChat mode
    TQuest WindowX/ZQuickslots
    GGuild WindowvDisplay the names of players/NPCs/Monsters
    QSwitches the equipment set(Only humans)EscSwitch between the two control modes
    Slayer Gift
    Random items
    Slayer Oridecon
    Upgrade ore
    Chaos Stone
    Redistribute stat points
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    LvL Name Fame
      Humans   Akkans