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RYL Part 1

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Hard Hit I None INSTANCE Each level STR + 10
SlugIISTR 80+INSTANCEEach level STR + 10
BashIIISTR 140+INSTANCEEach level STR + 10
PummelIVSTR 200+INSTANCEEach level STR + 10
Delivers a strong melee attack to the enemy that taunts and slows.
Blade MasteryINonePASSIVEEach level STR + 10
Blade MasteryIISTR 80+PASSIVEEach level STR + 10
Blade MasteryIIISTR 140+PASSIVEEach level STR + 10
Blade MasteryIVSTR 200+PASSIVEEach level STR + 10
Boosts Blades effectiveness but does not improve the Attack Arm.
Improved CriticalINonePASSIVEEach level STR + 8
Improved CriticalIISTR 68+PASSIVEEach level STR + 8
Improved CriticalIIISTR 116+PASSIVEEach level STR + 8
Improved CriticalIVSTR 164+PASSIVEEach level STR + 8
Increases the probability and damage multiplier of critical hits.
WillpowerINonePASSIVEEach level STR + 10
WillpowerIISTR 80+PASSIVEEach level STR + 10
WillpowerIIISTR 140+PASSIVEEach level STR + 10
WillpowerIVSTR 200+PASSIVEEach level STR + 10
Increases MP recovery and magic resistance.

Crusher Mastery I None PASSIVE Each level CON + 8
Crusher MasteryIICON 68+PASSIVEEach level CON +8
Crusher MasteryIIICON 116+PASSIVEEach level CON +8
Crusher MasteryIVCON 164+PASSIVEEach level CON +8
When using Crusher Weapon, it increases its effect.(Does not affect the Attack Arm's attack.)
Split LifeINoneINSTANCEEach level CON +8
Vital RechargeIICON 68+INSTANCEEach level CON +8
FellowshipIIICON 116+INSTANCEEach level CON +8
Blood for AllIVCON 164+INSTANCEEach level CON +8
Allows strength to be shared with an ally.
Extra LifeINonePASSIVEEach level CON +8
Extra LifeIICON 68+PASSIVEEach level CON +8
Extra LifeIIICON 116+PASSIVEEach level CON +8
Extra LifeIVCON 164+PASSIVEEach level CON +8
Increases maximum strength.
Harden SkinINoneCASTEach level CON + 8
Skin BuffIICON 68+CASTEach level CON + 8
Stone SkinIIICON 116+CASTEach level CON + 8
Iron SkinIVCON 164+CASTEach level CON + 8
Increases defense ability of oneself.
ToughnessINonePASSIVEEach level CON +8
ToughnessIICON 68+PASSIVEEach level CON +8
ToughnessIIICON 116+PASSIVEEach level CON +8
ToughnessIVCON 164+PASSIVEEach level CON +8
Raises physical defense.

Flexibility I None INSTANCE Each level DEX + 8
DodgeIIDEX 68+INSTANCEEach level DEX + 8
EvadeIIIDEX 116+INSTANCEEach level DEX + 8
IllusionIVDEX 164+INSTANCEEach level DEX + 8
helps to evade some physical attacks and skills.
Claw MasteryINonePASSIVEEach level DEX + 8
Claw MasteryIIDEX 68+PASSIVEEach level DEX + 8
Claw MasteryIIIDEX 116+PASSIVEEach level DEX + 8
Claw MasteryIVDEX 164+PASSIVEEach level DEX + 8
Improves Claw proficiency but does not improve a Knife Arm use.
EvasionINonePASSIVEEach level DEX + 8
EvasionIIDEX 68+PASSIVEEach level DEX + 8
EvasionIIIDEX 116+PASSIVEEach level DEX + 8
EvasionIVDEX 164+PASSIVEEach level DEX + 8
Increases the probability of avoiding a hit.

Magic Missile I None CAST Each level INT + 10
Dual MissileIIINT 80+CASTEach level INT + 10
Runed ArrowIIIINT 140+CASTEach level INT + 10
CometIVINT 200+CASTEach level INT + 10
Fires a mana projectile at a target enemy.
Bloody ManaINoneINSTANCEEach level INT + 10
Blood OfferingIIINT 80+INSTANCEEach level INT + 10
Blood SacrificeIIIINT 140+INSTANCEEach level INT + 10
Blood BequestIVINT 200+INSTANCEEach level INT + 10
Sacrifices the caster's life force in exchange for an infusion of mana.
GreaseINoneCASTEach level INT + 10
TrapIIINT 80+CASTEach level INT + 10
CaptureIIIINT 140+CASTEach level INT + 10
SnareIVINT 200+CASTEach level INT + 10
Immobilizes enemies. Increase spell level Improves range, area, and duration. Unaffected by Mana Shield or Flexibility.
SerenityINonePASSIVEEach level INT + 10
SerenityIIINT 80+PASSIVEEach level INT + 10
SerenityIIIINT 140+PASSIVEEach level INT + 10
SerenityIVINT 200+PASSIVEEach level INT + 10
Increases maximum MP and decreases skill recharge times.

Life Aura I None CHANT Each level WIS + 10
Chant of HealIIWIS +CHANTEach level WIS + 10
Healing AuraIIIWIS +CHANTEach level WIS + 10
Ward of HealingIVWIS +CHANTEach level WIS + 10
Increases the HP and MP Recovery of the party.
EncourageINoneCASTEach level WIS + 10
PrayerIIWIS +CASTEach level WIS + 10
BlessIIIWIS +CASTEach level WIS + 10
BenedictionIVWIS +CASTEach level WIS + 10
Increases the Attack and Defense of the party.
Inner SightINonePASSIVEEach level WIS + 10
Inner SightIIWIS +PASSIVEEach level WIS + 10
Inner SightIIIWIS +PASSIVEEach level WIS + 10
Inner SightIVWIS +PASSIVEEach level WIS + 10
Allows increased HP and MP recovery through introspection and meditation training.
Slayer Gift
Random items
Slayer Oridecon
Upgrade ore
Chaos Stone
Redistribute stat points
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